Southeast elevation + resident entrance.
Randomly spaced copper-colored trellises provide a framework for weaving vines to create a blanket of greenery over the concrete elevator and stair core.
Neighborhood context.
800 Olive Way is situated at the intersection of two rectilinear street grids at a 15 degree angle. The resulting site has gone under-developed for decades, despite marking a primary connection between downtown and the Capitol Hill neighborhood.
Typical floor plan.
The building is located on a narrow, triangular 2,667 sq ft. site. To maximize residential floor area, the primary elevator and stair core was shifted to the Southeastern-most corner of the plan. Each floor consists of three one-bedroom units ranging from 620 to 450 sq ft.

Northeast elevation.
Viewed from the Western-most point of the triangular site, the building appears to be impossibly slender.
South elevation snapshot + materials board.
Walnut veneer and brushed copper-colored panels mix as they rise up the full height of the building.
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